Alytus Jurgis Kunčinas Public Library was established after Lithuanian independence was regained – in 1993.  In December 2004 the library was given the name of its long-time buddy, originating from Alytus – the known novelist Jurgis Kunčinas. In December 2006 central library premises located a room of Jurgis Kunčinas – a memorial museum.

Our mission – to collect, keep and spread the knowledge, ideas and information, which are captured in the documents in order to contribute to the creation of knowledge society, promote continuous learning process, renewal of knowledge, cultural activities and creativity.

Reader’s service, Document Acquisition and Filing are located in the central premises (Seirijų str. 2), Children and Youth Literature department is located separately (Topolių str. 21), as well as territorial structural units: the library of 1st Alytus (Jiezno str. 2), the library of Vidzgiris (Likiškėlių str. 12) and the library of Dainava (Vilties str. 34). During the year, more than 135 000 visitors were in these libraries and more than 250 000 publications were handed out. The library has collected more than 150 000 units of literature of various fields of science, science-fiction books, art albums, periodical publications, and other documents. A valuable part of this collection is the manuscripts of Jurgis Kunčinas, the writer from Alytus.

Since 1998 Alytus Jurgis Kunčinas Public Library is an active participant in the LIBIS project. In all the library’s processes new and modern technologies are applied. Distant electronic services that expand the range of real services are provided for public.

Intensive and diverse cultural activities are being implemented in the library. During the year, more than 100 open events occur here. Not only literature evenings, meetings, book presentations are often here, but also exhibitions of the work of artists, photographers, as well as creative contests. The purpose of the projects that are being implemented is to popularize literature, promote professional and amateurish creation, modernize information services, decrease social exclusion. Since 2004, a „business card“ of the library is a traditional, every two years going, short prose reading festival „Imbiero vakarai“, where not only local, but also foreign authors participate in.

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