Alytus Jurgis Kunčinas Public Library - one of the first municipal public libraries established in Lithuania after its independence was regained, and has been in existence since 1993. In December of 2004 the library was given the name of its long-time buddy, originating from Alytus – the known novelist Jurgis Kunčinas. In December 2006 central library premises located a room of Jurgis Kunčinas - a memorial museum.

In the beginning of January 2006, the main library units (with the exception of Children and Youth Literature section) have moved to new premises, renovated and adapted to library services, funded by the State Investment Programme. The city Council has also funded the new furniture and computer hardware upgrade. The library has expanded to 1,400 square meters. Instead of one reading room even four more rooms have appeared: a room for periodicals, for general books, for the Internet and informational publications, and lore. We have a hall for events and conferences, computer training classes, spacious storages for the fund of documents. In September 2006 the Children and Youth Department of Literature has started to serve the readers in renovated premises.

Our library was one of the first in the country to start the computerization of librarian processes, with respect to the conditions of an experiment stated by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The library is an active participant in the LIBIS project.

The processes of funds‘ acquisition and document filing, as well as the work of bibliography department was computerized. The readers services were also computerized in all the branches of the library.

In 2008 – 2012 the library had participated in the project „Libraries for Innovation“.

Structure and services

Readers‘ service, Document Acquisition and Filing, Children and Youth Literature departments, Information and Lore center, as well as three branches –  the library of 1st Alytus, the library of Vidzgiris, Information and Freetime center - are operating in the library. The citizens of Alytus can get the information in printed and digital medias for free. The Internet, other computer services, and data basis are available for the visitors in all the libraries.

Funds of the library

The library has collected more than 152 981 units of literature of various science fields, science-fiction books, art albums, periodical publications, and other documents. Here the collection of manuscripts of Jurgis Kunčinas, the writer from Alytus, is being gathered. In 2016 there were 8 246 readers in the library, 273 708 publications were handed out. During a year 136 091 visitors were in the library.

Cultural activities

Long-standing tradition of the library is an intense and various cultural activities. Not only literature evenings, meetings, book presentations are often here, but also exhibitions of artists, photographers work.

The public events that were mentioned before are organized in the „White Crow“ salon in the library. Various cultural activities are also being developed in other branches of the library.

We have been intensively implementing projects for several years, which has the aim of not only the popularization of literature, the modernization of informacional services, but also the reduction of social separation.


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